The Boy Child Foundation

The Boy Child Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to inspire young men and provides them with mentorship programs and workshops

Our Purpose

To create a world in which young men [middle adolescence boys: 14 – 18yrs] are making better life decisions for ‘healthy masculinity’ (for the purpose of being better men for society)

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What We Do

The Boy Child Foundation provides access, guidance and support to the boy child through structured platforms, activities and tools that deliver effective and fit-for-purpose role modelling, life-skills development & mentorship.


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Our Programs

The Boy Child Foundation programs are aimed at supporting the boy child to manage their own learning in order to maximize their potential, develop life skills, improve their performance and become citizens with value. Our Programs includes:

Education Programs

Our education program for the boy child cover a wide range of topics that are not taught in conventional schools such as sex education, drugs education and IT skills.

Motivations Talks

Our motivation talks aim to inspire enhance creativity, reduce fear & apprehension and to offer a new outlook on things. Without Motivation, there is No Ambition. The boy child needs to consistently motivated to have high ambitions and perseverance

Environmental conservation programs

Youth are central in achieving a more sustainable and healthier planet. Young people have a special role in instigating change and action on the pressing global environmental challenges.

Became a Volunteer

You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with the us. This is an opportunity to create a positive impact and be a significant force to our course and to serve the boy child

Our Target audiences

Youth Groups

Youth group that help young people develop important personal and interpersonal skills.

Non-governmental organizations (NGO's)

NGO's and corporates that we can partner with us to achieve the needed impact and sustainability of the organizations

Education institutions

Primary schools, Secondary schools, collages and universities,

Faith based and community based organizations

Organizations involved in the counseling and nourishment of boys in the society


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